1. generalfrostjacket:

    Spidey isn’t good at this sort of thing

  2. Amber’s Endless List Of Favorite Characters 
                      ➝ Betsy Braddock aka Pyslocke

  3. X-Men #013

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  4. deusexignis:

    Psylocke #1 (2010)
  5. kate—-kane:

    won this fucking gorgeous poster at marvel trivia tonight.  some dude offered to buy it from me for fifty bucks and i was like ‘hell naw mate, it’s fucking psylocke!’

    …poor guy.

    (thanks to satsuma0 for our team name - Averagers Assemble!)

  6. comic-nerd217:

    comic-nerd217’s endless list of favourite characters [6/?]

    Psylocke aka Betsy Braddock

    1st Appearance: Captain Britain #8 (1976)

    Psylocke is a powerful British mutant inhabiting the body of the Japanese assassin, Kwannon. Psylocke can channel her telepathic and telekinetic powers to create psychic weapons and also possesses Kwannon’s martial arts skills. Betsy has been an X-Man for many years but has also been a member of the Exiles, Wolverine’s deadly X-Force team, and was even Captain Britain for a while.

  7. reillybrown:

    Found this Psylocke commission I did at a con last year.  Thought you guys would like it.

  8. lexijones1026:

    My fave ladies of Xmen Psylocke and Phoenix

  9. lexijones1026:

    My fave ladies of Xmen Psylocke and Phoenix

  10. komicart:

    Psylocke by Simone Bianchi

  11. this would be perfect if not so explicit

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  14. Uncanny X-Force #14

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